Let the festivities begin!

April 19, 2012

Tonight marks the beginning of Adam’s birthday celebrations. We are headed to Milwaukee to catch Daniel Tosh perform his comedy routine. Some of you may know him from Tosh.O. And so starts the pressure.

Adam is a totally low maintenance, easy to please kinda guy. He usually lays out what he would like (i.e. Police tickets, Neil Young tickets, Cubs game, etc) and I just need to follow instructions. Or in some cases, he even does the heavy lifting of getting the tickets because he has the chance to be in front of the computer when they are released…yadda yadda. And never for a moment is he disappointed that he wasn’t surprised or treated more like a king, just happy to spend his birthday doing whatever it is.

I, on the other hand, am TOTALLY different. First of all, I have the world’s worst birthday (December 29) and make everyone suffer before hand at how unfortunate it is to have a birthday between Christmas and New Year’s. Then there’s the fact that my mom has worked so hard to over-compensate for giving me such a horrible birth “day” that there were pretty much fireworks on that day growing up. So Adam has had the pressure each year of doing something that will force me to get over my birthday blues. The worst part is that he is so amazing that I think he might actually enjoy doing everything in his might to give me the absolute best birthday with the best bow on top of something that thrills me! Can you believe this guy?!?!

Then around his big day, May 1st, I weasel in and let him get his own tickets to some event of his liking. I try to find some gift that he likes but always has a matching sensible need behind it. I try to plan some decent family outing or friend gathering and call it a day. The man moves heaven and high hell to show me the time of my life each and every year. Talk about a lazy wife!

This upcoming birthday is not an especially noteworthy birthday, a mere 32 years, but its still a day dedicated to the greatest guy I know. He may not need as much as me because he’s a guy, or because he’s happy just to exist, or because he doesn’t feel like a spoiled ten year old on his birthday but whatever it is I’m determined to make it as special as I possibly can. I think its the least I can do…he puts up with me everyday 🙂

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