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March 20, 2012

Last summer, our first summer as “The Trio,” we spent lots of time going to parks and playing outside. By the end of the summer I was really sick of going to parks and playing outside. That may sound absolutely ridiculous because what new stay at home mom wouldn’t bask in beautiful summer days doing those activities?!?!

Last summer Gabby wasn’t walking for much of the summer and ALWAYS was getting into stuff or wanting to be carried. Drew was much more a toddler and lot less a big boy that he is now. Therefore, he needed me to constantly spot him on playground equipment or tend to his every need while playing outside.

During our short time with this *Indian Summer (does one call a mid-winter bought of summer something else??), it’s remarkable what a year (or less than a year as the case may be) has meant for their abilities. Drew is a climbing, independent, capable little man. Gabby is running and playing like she was not able to last summer.

I spend so much of the time with them longing for times of the past. Don’t get me wrong, I also marvel in the opportunity to have a little more freedom that the future will bring too. But I very infrequently just revel in the beauty of the stage they are at currently. And seeing them as full fledged children who play exactly like they are supposed to is thrilling. Now that we have a huge yard, both front and back, new parks to play at and summer birthdays ahead…this brief little preview of what summer will bring is very exciting.

Next year preschool is five short days a week. In preparation for next year, camp mirrors that schedule. I opted for carving out our own schedule, signing Drew up for only three days a week. At times, per usual, I’ve been ambivalent if that makes sense for all of us. Experiencing a little preview of how the dynamic of our Trio will be, excites me at what our summer will be like. It makes me feel really good about having at least two days a week for unstructured summer plans. My children will be scheduled and busy for so much of their lives, now is my time. I have already given up so much time with Drew being a working parent, that I need to savor what I have before his life takes off full speed ahead.

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