The Grass is Always Greener, Part II

January 10, 2012

Well, hello there. Your single gal reporting for my weekly post.

Really, I would not do this for anyone but Heli. When Heli asked me to report weekly on my adventures
in the city, I was confused. You see, I think Heli sees my life like this:

Although my daily life looks a bit more like this:

Yes. That is me watching the Bachelor. I am killing it out here.

In all fairness, I sometimes imagine Heli’s life to be somewhat like a Norman Rockwell picture (but in way better looking.)

However, I assume Heli thinks her life looks a bit closer to this:

That being said, the grass is always greener on the other side.

I would love to have a beautiful family, but I love my time to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Heli would love to have the single lifestyle, but would never give up Adam, Drew, and Gabby (and her new house).

Heli and I are similar in that we are always peering over each other’s shoulders and wishing to swap lives (at least for a day). Both of us probably need to take a step back and appreciate what we each have. Plus, we have each other, which is a nice start. 🙂

Tune in next week to check in and see what I am up to!

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