Diva Style

January 13, 2012

Those of us who haven’t reached celebrity status remind ourselves that even celebrities are human. They put one leg in their pants at a time. Sure they are designer $500 pants but they are just like us. There are sections of gossip magazines showing celebrities being just like us. They go grocery shopping, take their kids to the park, and hit up the movies with their moms. Awwww. But frequently in life we are reminded how very different they really are.

I’m sure you heard the news, Beyonce gave birth to her baby girl, Blue Ivy. And Beyonce did it exactly like a Diva should, layed up in a fancy shmancy “hotel-esque” hospital room. Must be nice. I frequently think how lucky my kids and I are for being born to this particular family. That statement has never been more true where little Blue Ivy is concerned. The girl has a platinum record sitting there waiting for her name to be inscribed on it.

No doubt I would like to go to a hotel like Beyonce gave birth in, let alone actually give birth in a suite of that nature. But when push comes to shove (excuse my play on words), there still really is nothing glamorous about child birth. When push comes to shove, there was still a lot of pushing and shoving. When push comes to shove, everyone (and probably more than necessary in her case just for being able to say you got a glimpse of Beyonce) had to get all up in her girl parts to get a giant boulder out of her. No fancy shmancy room can disguise that.

So props to Beyonce for continuing to live her life as the Diva she is. That baby is one major lucky duck, she sure hit jackpot there. And rearing children just got a lot easier with round the clock nurses, maids and nannies for the heavy lifting. All that help and all those resources are great but I have news for you, Beyonce and Jay-Z, there’s nothing glamorous about raising children. And sometimes you have no choice but to get your hands dirty. Just make sure you follow it up with a $200 mani/pedi.

2 thoughts on “Diva Style

    • Hadn’t heard that, but it sorta makes sense by how secretive they are. But then again they could just be trying to keep some semblance of privacy because paparazzi are so invasive.

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