My fave is Brooke Burke…

December 26, 2011

I’m not sure why Jews take pride in knowing which celebrities are Jewish but we just do. Maybe it’s because we exist in a world of non-Jews that sometimes we feel left out. And there’s clearly no shortage of Jews in Hollywood. We take pride in being amongst many that have a lot of talent – Adam Sandler has reminded us in his Chanukah song…

However, my good friend brought this list to my attention. I love it! We know that there are Jews that are amazing singers like Barbra Streisand and funny comedians like Seth Rogen. There are even Jews that are successful politicians like Al Franken and Chuck Schumer. Rarely, though, is it documented that Jews are known for nothing more than their shear beauty. And although I may feel slighted for not making the list, I celebrate this list of The 50 Hottest Jewish Women.


2 thoughts on “My fave is Brooke Burke…

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  2. Where are we? HAHAHA! Just kidding…although, you are a beautiful person inside and out! Love ya Heli!

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