What makes a house a home?

November 7, 2011

As our move gets closer, Drew is starting to struggle with the idea of not living here. He has mentioned that he wants to bring the walls with, today he wants the carpet, and frequently he asks about his toys coming too. It’s so obvious that he is really working hard to wrap his little head around the idea of calling another place home.

This weekend started out with us having a commitment for renters in our current home. The urgency to get things going here, packing and painting, was more imminent. As this week has started, we are without renters again which allows for us to work on things a little more gradually.

Either way our destiny is to be out of our current home sooner rather than later. This just means that we are in action mode. Yesterday we took down all the things hanging in our home and started patching up walls. Walking around our home without our smiles on the walls makes this place seem a little less like our home and more like our current house.

When we first moved in, six and a half years ago, Adam and I were engaged to be married. I had a cat, but that was as much as we brought into this house. We had empty rooms – one an office and the other a guest bedroom. As the years have passed we got a dog, had our first child and then our second. The rooms have been reconfigured, repainted, and reorganized to fit our growing family.

As moving day is in the not too distant future, we are forced to face the fact that we are leaving this home that we created. We are leaving this home that has been so good to us. And although we are moving on to something potentially so great for this family, there is of course nostalgia for what we are walking away from.

As Drew struggles to grasp our new life, so do I. As Drew struggles to understand how a new house can feel like home, so do I. As Drew struggles with the changes, so do I. How do I, as the parent, prepare him for the uncertainty of these changes? How do I prepare him for the uncertainty that life brings? How do I even prepare myself?

One thought on “What makes a house a home?

  1. It is never easy closing a door even when the door you are opening is so great. Let him know that it is both scarey and exciting; that you are both sad and excited and will share those feelings with each other.

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