November 17, 2011

It’s official, we own two homes. At the very beginning of this process I said that things would have to align for this whole scenario to work. And although the elements of our new home started to come together, there was so much uncertainty with our current home that it was hard to get excited.

Yesterday we closed on our new house. And last evening we received a signed lease for renters for our current home. The way it all happened for us November 16 felt surreal. As if the rainbow in the sky on our way home from closing wasn’t enough, we are temporarily relieved of our current home.

Interesting choice of words, huh? Relieved? Especially coming from someone as high strung as I, I spend my life in a constant state of anxiety. I never quite reach a relieved state. So instead of really feeling celebratory, a new wave of nerves sunk in.

At the risk of sounding utterly cheesy, I feel like my most happy days have been while I have lived in this house. Adam has brought me so much happiness, words can’t describe. This was our first home together. We brought offsprings into this home that represent the love and happiness we have with each other. Will I be able to say the same about my next home?

This really goes to show that I may never find myself perfectly happy. I have spent time in our current home longing for more. I wanted a single family home with all the possibilities it could give my family. And now that I have it, I’m reluctant to move away from all I currently know (especially since it has been nothing but sheer bliss).

You have nothing to gain in life if you don’t have something to lose. I just hope and pray that our new home will bring us the same joy that we have experienced in our current home. So here’s to bigger and better… (And you wondered why Drew is full of so much angst???)

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