Bring on the cling!

September 16, 2011

My insanely happy, independent baby has become less of a baby lately. If I dare try and spoon feed this child, I will shortly be reminded why that was a mistake when I wipe off the residual food from my face. And now that she’s mobile, it’s becoming increasingly frequent that she does not want to be inconvenienced by me holding her.

Yesterday the first signs of sickness came with some slight whimpering. The whimpering led to full fledged crying. Ultimately I realized that something was wrong when she was laying her body, head and all, on the floor crying. When I picked her up, it was obvious that she was quite warm.

For the record, I never want my children to be sick. On top of the fact that I want them to be happy and silly like normal, I hate to think that they are uncomfortable. Plus, I require a certain amount of beauty sleep and I’m not a happy person when that is compromised.

The snuggly, clingy, affectionate baby that came out in the face of sickness was so touching. I ate up the affection like a starved puppy dog (to be specific, my starved for attention pets – re: Oh the pets…). My “Mommy is Needed” radar snapped into high gear and I was eager to hold her close. It’s funny how I felt frustrated when my kids were infants and wanted to be held 24/7. Now that it is getting harder to hold my kids close, I’m so hungry for the opportunity.

I’m crossing my fingers that Gabby will be back to her independent, on-the-go self soon. In the meantime, however, I’m going to savor this affection while it lasts…

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