Drew is King of the World

August 2, 2011

At some point everyone must learn that the world doesn’t revolve around you. I guess not everyone since I know plenty of adults who haven’t learned this lesson. Let me correct myself, at some point I want my children to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them. I want them to feel secure that there is someone who has their best interest at the forefront of their mind, but I don’t want them to expect the world to cater to them because they will inevitably be disappointed when they find out that that just isn’t possible.

Today was one of the only times I can remember having plans outside of our house with someone that didn’t bring any children along as companions for my kids (mainly Drew). We went to a park that had some other child-friendly attractions. Plus, there were plenty of other kids there to interact with. Unfortunately that was not sufficient for Drew.

In efforts to distract me from enjoying myself with a fellow adult, Drew tested me in every way he could. Eventually he completely disobeyed me which resulted in us leaving in a very unpleasant nature. And if I haven’t learned anything about myself as a parent, I have learned that I’m the most unhappy when I feel that I have no control over the situation. Today Drew controlled everything and I ultimately was begging him to behave.

Where did I go wrong? I purposely planned a day that was “Drew friendly,” so he wouldn’t be too upset with my attention divided and directed towards a fellow adult. His behavior was so clearly a result of my distraction from him. How do I teach him that there will be times that he will not have my undivided attention without me being the one who is ultimately punished?

He’s clearly “adjusted” to there being another child around, i.e. Gabby, but he still felt threatened by me not playing with him. Is it possible that this circumstance could be cured with maturity? How then do you explain the handfuls of adults in my life that have yet to learn this lesson?

10 thoughts on “Drew is King of the World

    • I had a great time with you guys! Even though Drew was testing boundaries, you handled the situation wonderfully. You were firm and consistent. You are truly a great mother, Heli!

      • Thank you so much Sam, I really appreciate it! I was embarrassed though. Drew is definitely no angel, but his behavior with you was obscenely bad. We need a do-over 🙂

  1. My friend Lisa used to say she was going to write a book called “Lies, Threats, and Bribes – Parenting Done the Right
    Way”. It’s just the age – 3 year olds are very ego-centric and learning to test boundaries. Hang in there – he is so cute anyways!

  2. It’s my fault. I wished that you would have a child just like you!! The good news is that the good always has way outweighed the bad!

  3. How many Toy Story shirts does “Woody” own? 🙂 Loved our play date today. Sounds like he was a stinker yesterday but today he was so much fun.

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