A Slave to the Routine

June 2, 2011

I did something this weekend that I very infrequently do, I only had fun. Of course I have many weekends that include fun. But to only have fun means that errands were not run, laundry was not cleaned, the house wasn’t organized, etc. Don’t worry, I haven’t flown off the handle. I still managed to keep everything in order but it was not in the normal routine sort of way. In some ways it was freeing. In other ways, it added for more chaos at the start of the week. It was just so special going on outings and doing activities with the kids. And as I am about to embark on this new life as a stay at home mom, I want to keep this weekend on the forefront. I think it will be easy for me to become a slave to the endless chores. I am opting for this new lifestyle though, because I want to spend time with my children. I’m choosing to sacrifice my career because I want my kids to remember me playing with them and not running around like a maniac (as I seem to be most weeks while balancing both work and them). I do not want my children to think of me as a neurotic clean freak that is so focused on tidying up the house, tending to the countless errands and so married to the routine of housework. I had an aura about me this weekend that was so relaxed and at ease. I want to maintain that aura going forward. I want to feel holiday relaxed, vacation calm everyday. I want to bottle up that feeling and take it with me. And I don’t want it to require a prescription to get it back.

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