Drew Triumphs!!!

July 22, 2009

Big news, Drew did it! He walked across the room!! Not just once…but back and forth! It was amazing, to see this child blossom and reach yet another milestone. My biggest fear had been that I would miss it. I heard stories about children reaching milestones like that at daycare with people who’s job it is to watch your kid. I heard that daycares don’t tell parents when things like that happen so that the parent can feel like the milestone was reached when their child was with them – someone who loves them and cares about their progress.

Now that I have seen him do it, I’m certain that what I saw and experienced was genuine, regardless if someone else may have seen it first. The feelings I have as a working mom have not changed by my knowledge of how magical it is when I saw my child walk for the first time.

Children grow up so fast, as I have realized in the quick 13 months Drew has progressed from an infant to a toddler. In a blink of an eye, he will be going off to kindergarten. These affirmative years where he is absorbing everything and changing so quickly are the only years I have to nurture and protect him before the big world swallows him up.

However, I’m the one at work getting daily reports of his feedings and changings. I’m providing for our family, I’m providing for our future, I’m providing for our life. But at what cost? At the cost of properly nurturing my precious child who in a blink of an eye will step foot on his school bus? Is that really what the daycare providers get to see? Not just his first steps but his first progression to grown up life? Life where mommy isn’t their to coddle you when you trip on your first steps?

I don’t know the answers, I’m not even sure I know the questions. All I know is when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning, I will take my own steps out the door to my responsibilities. And at the end of the day, I get to see my little man walk across our living room.

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2 thoughts on “Drew Triumphs!!!

  1. Heli – – I love the idea that you started this blog. Free Heli advice? What could be better then that?!?!?! I think that was great of you to attend your grandmother’s funeral. I know we spoke about it last week, but I am sure your family was pleased to have you at the funeral and shiva. CONGRATS DREW!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe he is walking now. What a little munchkin! I can’t wait to see him and play with him. I know it is a challenge for you being a working mother, but I honestly believe that balancing all aspects of your life will make you and your family more well balanced. You will cherish the time you do get to spend with Drew more and you will still be able to accomplish many things in your work-life and your overall life. I know you are doing a wonderful job of being a working mother, loving daughter and granddaughter, wife, and amazing friend! Talk to ya soon.

  2. I can't believe how big he is getting! It feels like just yesterday I got a text from you and Adam saying that he was born. Congrats on the major milestone. I am sure they will start coming more quickly. Lets make plans soon so that I can spend some quality time with Drewy.

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