Dear Mom of Multiple Young Children,

April 3, 2017

It gets easier. Too often you run into wise mothers with older (possibly grown) children that tell you to enjoy it because it goes so fast…too fast. Instead you are left feeling even worse. So on top of the juggling you are doing to keep everything going, on top of the run down feeling you constantly have, and on top of all the heavy lifting necessary on a daily basis – now you also have to walk around feeling like you are wasting every minute by counting down until your brood is asleep so you can watch stupid reality t.v. and drink your wine in peace.

I’m here to say that I was that person. I almost thought that phase would never end. I’d also be lying if I didn’t say some days still feel that way. But I really feel like I’ve rounded the corner and it gets easier. My kids are now 8.5, 6.5 and 4. I’m no longer carrying around diaper bags, strollers or special cups. I’m walking lighter. Yes, we have often potty breaks. Yes, I feel like the middle east negotiations might be easier than sorting through their fights. It has gotten easier.

This was probably the first break in the history of my motherhood where I legitimately enjoyed the time off with my children. Even though they are different ages, different genders and have different interests – I know the things that will make them happy. I know how to appease them. Those times, those days where they are happy, I inevitably become happy too.

I am no longer taking my children places where I’m idly watching them stumble around, making sure they don’t kill themselves, and making nonsense banter with a mother in a similar situation. Instead I’m ice skating with them, laughing, falling and making memories that I feel are legitimately shaping the type of people they will become. I am no longer staying up late after long days out organizing the details for the following day. Instead we’re winging it. We eat lunch out (only offering up choices that I know are proven winners), coloring the kids menus, circling the word searches and teaching valuable tic tac toe strategies.

Life with three children is never going to be easy. There are three different human beings with interests and feelings. Not everyone is going to always be happy or satisfied. Juggling them will always be a challenge but it has gotten easier and continues get easier and more fun with each passing day – or year at least 🙂

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