Dear Drew

June 12, 2016

This may have not been your biggest year when it came to reading, writing and arithmetic but it was by far your biggest year when it came to maturity and compassion. You finally understood the role you have in our family and the power in your leadership role. That doesn’t mean you don’t take the chance to sock your sister in the face or yell at your brother from time to time. But you seem to have a firmer understanding of the expectations of being a member in this family.

You have a curiosity and ask questions about life – inquiring about harder things. You have an interest in the world outside of just you in a way that only comes with age and maturity. I feel like our relationship has been enriched by an understanding of my values and the choices I make as a result.

This year we have had the opportunity to get much closer. Overnight you became a “Mama’s boy.” You crave my nurturing in a sweet, tender way of a baby but with a sophistication of a big boy who still needs his mommy and recognizes it. Since you have matured to better understand the expectations in our family and what we need you to do, I’ve been able to spend more time enjoying you in this past year rather than managing you. It has been a joy to get to know this side of you and enjoy you even more!

For so long I craved a guarantee that things would all work out. All the timeouts, sweating our relationship and behavioral struggles overwhelmed me and made me question the future. This past year proved that time, dedication to our principles and consistency would pay off. You have turned into an even more sensitive, caring and loving little boy. You are a delight to spend time with, you are a joy to snuggle with and you are such a passionate, special kid.

As we embark on your most perfect day of baseball, baseball and baseball, I wish you nothing but happiness, health and safety in the upcoming year. I hope you have a blast at camp this summer (even if you are still your “resistant to change” self, I hope you embrace this new camp experience). I hope you continue to perform at baseball in a way you are satisfied with. But even if you are not, I hope you learn to manage those dissatisfied feelings with grace. I hope third grade brings you a richer education, more friends and lots of fun.

Happy birthday my first born! Love you tons!

Your Mommy

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