February 8, 2015

Drew is…resistant. I could suggest a trip to Disney World and he would cry and carry on. Of course once we were there, he’d be happy as a lark (what the heck is a lark?!?). He may even apologize for his behavior. But actually getting him there would be extremely painful. It doesn’t really prevent us, because he’s literally resistant to probably 95% of our plans. If we adjusted for him, we’d probably never leave the house.

This morning we had the opportunity to check out the new beautiful Little Beans Cafe in Evanston with JBaby Chicago. It sounded like a really fun outing and very family/kid focused. Win, win, right? Wrong. Drew acted like I had scheduled a full day lecture dedicated to the Middle East conflict. The pain and agony of getting him to leave the house was almost too much to bear…almost.

Once we got there, this happened…



Then there was this…


Two hours later, we couldn’t get that child out of there!!!!  We used this as a learning experience.  “Was it really worth getting yourself so upset?”  “Don’t you trust that we will take you places that you will be safe and happy?”  At the end of the outing, we loved the Little Beans Cafe, we felt positive about JBaby Chicago and we thought we made some headway with our extremely resistant child.

“Next stop, lunch.”  Drew demanded we dine at only Buffalo Wild Wings, Burger King (which I’m not sure he has EVER eaten at) or Taco Bell.  When we explained that those were not choices…”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  All over again!  Sigh.

He is six years old, closer to seven than five.  He is not getting any easier.  He finds every way under the sun to challenge us on a daily basis.  I can’t remember ever suggesting anything where he responded “Ok, Mommy.”  He is too old to be this resistant.  I am too old to be dealing with this constant frustration.  I don’t know how to help him to be more easy going.  There are going to be times where we can adjust to his resistance but there are also times when we cannot and/or do not want to adjust.  I dream of a day where he can just embrace that we are going to play at Little Beans Cafe with a bunch of JBaby Chicago people and he can just trust us that it’s going to be a good time!!!!

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