Damn you nice weather!!!

June 11, 2013

Ah, the swimming pool…my arch nemesis. We meet again. The agony that I go through over the swimming pool keeps evolving with each summer. Now I am faced with a beautiful day, kids with no schedules and a free pool at my disposal. What’s a girl to do?!?

Last year I was shaking in my boots, or flip flops, over how to manage two kids with different abilities at the pool. Fortunately I was able to discover that Gabby wasn’t all that thrilled with the pool which allowed me to carry her around while chasing after Drew. Drew was still young enough to force that great life preserver vest and all was well.

This year, however, Drew wants nothing to do with that vest because he has friends that can actually SWIM that don’t wear it. Sadly he “thinks” he can swim because he is able to move with a flotation device without me. FLOTATION DEVICE is the operative word here!!! I’m not exactly sure Gabby’s reaction to the pool but I only have two arms!

If it weren’t bad enough that Drew is actually going to a camp where he will have lessons without me standing by the side of the pool ready to throw my body in a preform CPR with a seconds notice, I now have to learn how to manage THREE children at the pool when I hadn’t mastered two yet! And anyone who tells me that I should use one of those baby floating things obviously has not been to a public pool (or Lifetime pool for that matter) in awhile because no one allows those things.

The only solution to beautiful days and avoiding pools is going to have to be our spray park crawl. Mama needs to work on her tan (who am I kidding, I have two shades red or white) and is clearly ill equipped to handle a pool. We are going to span the spray parks across the northwest suburbs in efforts to get some sun exposure, stay cool and avoid pools at all costs. That is if summer ever really is here to stay!

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