Birthday Pressure

April 29, 2013

And so starts the season of holidays. Wednesday marks my hubby’s 33rd birthday, followed by Mother’s Day, then Drew’s birthday, Father’s Day and Gabby’s birthday. This only means to you, my readers, that you will have to hear me bitch and moan about all the planning, work and preparations ahead.

I have not been quiet about how wonderful my husband is. Yes, he can’t find anything to save his life. Yes, he has never been introduced to the washing machine much less the stove. But the most amazing part of him is that he puts up with me…certainly deserving of a medal.

Every year I’m a complete brat about my birthday, pouting about how much it sucks to have a birthday between Christmas and New Year’s. He miraculously puts together something extravagantly wonderful each and every year making me feel like the Queen I am. This year was especially challenging to pull off with that mooch of a newborn taking up all the excitement in December. But he still did it, he still gave me a great birthday.

So now the heat is on. I have to repay Adam’s constant commitment to me having an excellent birthday. The good news is that he’s pretty much easy to please. A little sweetness thrown his way and he’s a happy camper. It seems that each year it gets harder and harder to do anything special because of the demands of our kids. It makes it a struggle to keep a day that should be filled with fireworks and festivals anything but an average day with a little sparkle.

As much as I’d like to think that my kids will enlighten his birthday in a way that will make it special regardless. The truth is that Drew will cry that he wants it to be his birthday, Gabby will pee in her pants because she agrees with Drew and Noah will make us shovel birthday cake down our throats while balancing him on our laps. Given that, the pressure is completely on me to overshine those monsters from taking away the thrill of his day. It’s one stinking day…it can’t be THAT hard, right?

We started with a celebration last night and we are going to keep this party going through next Sunday. Somehow I have to find a way to make my amazing husband feel as special as he always makes me feel. I’ll load him up with boatloads of dirty clothes, leave dirty coffee mugs lying around, scatter a trail of yogurt around the kitchen and make sure to put my shoes in the middle of the hallway so he can trip on them too 🙂

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