October 2, 2012

This past weekend away was enjoyable in a way I never expected, never really even hoped for, and almost feel guilty about. I agree with all those sentiments that were passed along – it’s important to have adult time away from your children, yadda yadda. The carefree-ness I had over the weekend made me feel almost negligent. The relaxed feeling I had over being away from my kids made me feel almost guilty. But the thrill I had over seeing those little faces upon my return made me feel like I didn’t exactly commit a crime.

With every phone call home I became more and more relaxed hearing about my parents’ success over managing the kids’ crazy schedules and my parents’ competence over handling their behavioral challenges. The craziest thing about it all is that my parents weren’t even throwing the kids at me when we got home. In the past, I felt that they were so anxious to relish their responsibilities that it made me concerned about how things actually were in my absence. This time, however, my parents seemed like they were in such a confident groove that they could keep this up for some time yet. Do I hear another vacation opportunity in the horizon??? I don’t think I should push my luck…

So with the kids at ease, I was able to have fun in ways I didn’t expect. I was afraid that the frustration of being preggers would prevent me from having fun. But guess who was at Beale Street until the wee hours?

This girl!!!

Guess who got to let loose with some Memphis native?

This girl!!!

And who got to spend time with their hubby in a way that a couple hour date just totally doesn’t do?

This girl!!!

The largest problem I see at this point to our awesome time away celebrating a great couple, is that my kids were so unbelievably spoiled by their grandparents that I have lots of unspoiling to do! Nobody said I have an easy job, but I wouldn’t trade it for all the world (at least that’s easier to say after a nice well rested vacation).

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