The Joys of Parenting are Endless

September 21, 2012

A strange thing happens to the monster of all monsters, the craziest of all crazies, the wildest of all wild things at a baseball game, he finds his inner peace. From his first game at age one until current day, he can sit memorized at a baseball game (and actually pretty much all sporting events). For his sister, on the other hand, it’s a whole other ball game…

From previous experiences I have learned that, much like her mother, if she is stuffing her face, she’s probably going to be relatively content. I came armed with enough snacks to feed the entire park. Unfortunately for me, yesterday marked a “not so hungry” day. I was forced to work under extreme circumstances.

It started with a pinball experience, two minutes terrorizing Dad and two minutes terrorizing me. When the harassment started to get physically intense, I was going to have to resort to songs (generally a soothing technique for at least ten minutes). And considering the ecstasy of the peace I experienced in the fifteen seconds of her eating squeezable applesauce, I felt like ten minutes of serenity (even if it meant I had to sing in public) was well worth it!

Songs didn’t quite cut it like they do in Target or the grocery store. Sadly for those shopping around me, I do indeed sing out some Old MacDonald or Wheels on the Bus while perusing those fine establishments. I understand if those that know me pretend you don’t when seeing me under those circumstances. Anyway, I had to take out You Tube earlier than I would have liked but I was willing to do almost anything to subside the little beast.

After continuous fights over Gabby controlling the cell phone, I resigned to let her have full access of my cell phone. I embraced the fact that apps may permanently disappear and people I haven’t talked to in years may be phoned. All worth it to keep the beast at bay. It wasn’t until Gabby dropped my phone and it almost broke into a million pieces that privileges were suspended, much to Gabby’s dismay (and everyone around us).

Like a gift from G-d, Gabby decided to make friends with the kids at the end of the aisle. Why hadn’t we thought of this earlier?!?! They had a blast dancing and being silly for the next couple innings. Just in time for Drew’s temper tantrum over not getting a jersey to start…

The joys of parenthood are endless 🙂

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