Perhaps we should never leave the house…

October 10, 2011

I realize that I’m a glutton for punishment, but it doesn’t make the situation any better. I wanted Gabby to walk so much. I practically willed her to walk. I hated, I repeat…I HATED, crawling. It seemed like once both my kids were crawling they were never satisfied with being held and always wanted to drag their bodies along the floor regardless of where we were. I was so happy once Gabby was relatively proficient on her legs.

Ever since her first steps, she is seriously picking up speed. I’ve never been shy in vocalizing how challenging it can be managing two kids. Any complaint I may have had previous to today was minor. Taking two children into public by yourself while they both run in different directions and you have tasks to complete is impossible (at least for me).

That being said, will someone explain to me how I always manage to see that mother whose seventeen kids are all behaving themselves politely and quietly during my escapades? What’s her deal? Does she drug those kids? Literally I was at the library a few days ago when a mother who has seven, yes SEVEN, kids. She only had four with her at that moment. But all four, twice the number I have, stayed close, didn’t get out of hand, she didn’t raise her voice once. What’s her secret?!?!

During this very episode today at my most favorite of stores, Walgreens, I could not manage my two the way “Library Lady” managed her four. I mean after all she was short three kids so clearly it was a piece of cake for her! Drew was running down aisles and checking everything out (despite having to touch every piece of merchandise he caused a lot less havoc). While Gabriela decided to run down different aisles, of course on the other side of the store, and knocked down everything she passed.

After finally calling back the troops to take care of the tasks at hand, there was some less than pleasant banter with Drew and the lady in front of us in line. I guess banter isn’t the right word, that would mean the conversation went back and forth. This conversation was very one sided, three year old sided, and there were some names thrown around.

And although I have clearly not gotten more of a handle on this chaos, I was able to stay reasonably sane through it all. I think if there was a conclusive anxiety gauge, my numbers would have been through the roof. Yet while Drew was screaming he wanted a special treat and Gabby was screaming because she wanted to throw the display of nail polish across the store, I kept a relatively pleasant demeanor for all the onlookers. That’s more than I could have done a few weeks ago. So I guess I’m making strides.

I’d like this day to be absorbed by all the recent family members who have been nicely mentioning that I should add to this clan. I think two delinquents is more than I can handle at the present moment. In fact if I have another one, we may need to pad the walls. At least that’s my perspective today…

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