Do women have to roar? Can’t we just meow?

December 21, 2010

Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate is just further evidence of how far women have come. Women suffrage has given women like myself the opportunity to compete in a male dominated world. And all I have to say to the women who worked hard to break the glass ceiling is thanks a lot, please insert sarcasm. Women were traditionally seen as diligent homemakers, dedicated moms and attentive wives. Now to add to that long list is successful career person. Job requirements were not reduced to make room for a woman’s career, rather we are now forced to balance more. I have a very helpful husband but it does not change the fact that my plate is piled high. What was so wrong with being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Instead I’m forced to be wearing high heels, pregnant balancing the Blackberry and conquering the kitchen and conference room. We had a good gig going before, why did we have to go and mess it up? Why is it so important to compete with our male counterparts? We can’t compete! We bear children – we worry about clothing our children, feeding our children, making a nice home for our children, etc. Men have to take direction from their wives on how they can fill in the deficits that the woman can’t get to (i.e. take out the garbage, pick up the kids on their way home from work, take out the dog, etc). Women, on the other hand, have to be the CEO of our homes. Why do we have to be the CEO at our workplace too? We took on more responsibility without anymore pay. Instead we had to give up time with our children, all in efforts to prove something. Who were we proving what to anyway? So now as we switch the loads of laundry in our suits, cook dinner on our blue tooth headsets and read to our kids while eyeing out our laptops remember that we won the great American fight. There’s nothing we can’t do, but we sure are exhausted. Maybe we should rally the troops again and instead fight for more vacation time?

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