Sanity? Are you out there?

November 17, 2010

There are some days that just start off as “one of those days.” Lately it seems like most days follow that story. Days where the morning consists of temper tantrum after temper tantrum, spit up on your silk blouse as you are walking out the door, coffee spilled in the interior of your car, and the list goes on. I spend all day recovering from the chaos of leaving the house. And once I have successfully left the house and recuperated from it, I end up running around trying to get my job done, all out of complete desperation to wrap up the day. Why am I rushing back to the chaos of my life? Because I need enough time to make dinner, clean up, do baths and bedtime. And bright and early the whole series of events starts all over again. And then there are days like today, days that start exactly like every other day. Tantrum, spit up, late to work, etc etc. The day finally ends but I’m late for pick up, with a gentle reminder from daycare of their hours. Dinner became a mixture of all the ingredients in my refrigerator that my two year old might swallow. My work computer and all the accessories spilled out everywhere reminding me of all the work I have ahead. The kitchen is not clean and the pile of dishes in the sink is not getting any shorter. The dirty bottle on the coffee table is a sign of all the situating I need to do to get Gabriela ready for tomorrow. All of these souvenirs are examples of how happy these two little rugrats can make me in the midst of all this tumult. My crabby little toddler laughed hysterically as I entertained him after dinner. My underweight little infant ate three helpings of rice cereal. Potty training reached an all time high. Gabby finished off her bottle and smiled as I placed her in her crib. And once story and song time was over for Drew, he said “I love you mommy” and gave me a big kiss. I could very easily focus on the craziness of the days activities. But right now I’m going to bask in the glory of where we came from, where we are and where we are going. With each passing day, some with less certainty than today, I’m convinced that I’m making strides as a parent, as a working mom and as a homemaker.

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