Drew, the baseball fan!

August 4, 2009

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their support! I feel so lucky that I not only have friends and family that are interested in what I have to say but also have reached out to encourage me! It means a lot 🙂

So good news…Drew has overcome his fear of the bath and now downright loves it! He is flying solo in the big bath these days, playing up a storm and finally clean! It’s really interesting how these little buggers can throw you a curve ball. You always hear how kids don’t want to get out of their baths because they love them so much. I thought my kid was broken, he didn’t come with that feature! As it turns out he just wanted to have free reign to the big boy bath. Problem solved! It seems as parents we’re always learning something from our kids (note how I say this like a seasoned parent, when really I’m just a kid trying to figure it out). On Saturday we took Drew to his very first baseball game. Unfortunately for his father, it was not a Cubs game. I really vacillated over taking him. I thought there was no way for this extremely active, short attention span, wild man to sit still for five seconds let alone three hours. Low and behold…he did it! He sat still, he watched the people, he wore his baseball hat, he ate a hot dog, he threw me one heck of a curve ball! Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would be half as good as he was. How can a baby that was so well behaved get in so much trouble at home?!? Does that mean that every new place I take him to he will be well behaved? Does that mean that I should embrace any new circumstance head on because this kid can handle it all? The only thing I can gather is that he will throw me curve balls every day of my life. Some days he will surprise me from being well behaved, some days he will shock me from being so poorly behaved and in between he’ll amaze me for being so incredible regardless. I just can’t help but feel like having him was the one thing in my life I did right, a grand slam!

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